Zimbabwe National Gazelles Programme (ZNGP)

The Zimbabwe National Gazelles Programme is part of the Pan African initiative that aims at creating a new breed of successful African SMEs that will become tomorrow’s corporates. The program identifies and supports the country’s top 50 high growth SMEs.

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Support the growth of business through organizational and technical assistance.

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“Hatch” innovation-based entrepreneurial development through business entrepreneurship training.

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Formulate effective growth-driven strategy through a variety of business modelling methodologies.

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Provide marketing facilities and services to catalyze effective, strategic business growth.

"Little by little becomes a lot" - Anonymous

Supports the country’s top 50 high growth SMEs.



Gazelle Members

Gazelles reach their maximum potential with the ultimate objectives of “creating jobs, jobs, jobs”.



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Gazelles develop marketable products that meet international standards.

ZNG Partners

For any program to succeed, the program must have partners that play a critical role in supporting the program. We have an array of partners and would welcome new relationships. We have the following partnership relationships:

  • Business Networking partners
  • Business Advisors
  • Industry Sector partners
  • Funding partners
  • Partners offering specific benefits to the Gazelles

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